Against COVID‑19

Proof Diagnostics is developing a CRISPR‑based, COVID‑19 molecular test to help communities take control of their health.

*Currently for Investigational Use Only.
  Data has not been reviewed by the FDA.

Cutting‑Edge COVID‑19 Molecular Testing

Proof is designing a CRISPR-based, COVID-19 test to make testing simple, scalable and reliable.

†As published in The New England Journal of Medicine and based on a bench version of the assay.
This data has not been reviewed by the FDA.

Connect & Scale Up
With Our App

We’re designing the Proof Diagnostics mobile app to seamlessly connect with up to 6 Proof Lab readers via Bluetooth. This will allow you to monitor the progress of multiple COVID-19 tests, keep and view up to 50 results filtered by time and date on each synced reader, and easily export detailed test results.

We’re also designing our app to enable third-party integrations—to EHRs, for example—and the storage of large volumes of data in our HIPAA-compliant cloud solution.

iPad displaying the Proof Diagnostics app, showing the COVID-19 diagnostic testing status of 6 Proof Labs synced to the app

Our Partners in Health

We’re proud to receive funding from and/or collaborate with world‑renowned organizations and innovators. Together, we pledge to help improve global public health by staying at the forefront of infectious disease detection.

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